Top Post Audit FAQs Every Business Owner Should Ask!

At Trans Audit, we are the world’s most successful and largest global transportation post audit experts. We have performed transportation contract reviews and post-payment audits for hundreds of the world’s largest and most successful companies

Over our illustrious 40 year tenure, we have continually grown and now have several locations throughout the United States. At the same time, we have a presence in China, Singapore, and Europe, which makes us the true global post audit leader. 

Our global audit capabilities are simple, swift, straightforward, and address every mode of transportation. As industry leaders, we are regularly asked a range of post audit FAQs. For your convenience, we have collected and provided in-depth answers to some of the top post audit FAQs below. 

Which Small Parcel Carriers Does Trans Audit Audit?

Very simply, we audit virtually every and any small parcel carrier, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more. No matter the parcel carrier you use, Trans Audit will ensure each shipping invoice is accurate and you aren’t overpaying. 

During our parcel post audit, each individual shipment on the carrier’s invoice will be closely scrutinized. Every single audit point represents a potential source of carrier billing errors, which means the potential for refund. Some of the most common sources of carrier billing errors are:

  • Erroneous address correction chargest
  • Late deliveries
  • Packages manifested but not shipped
  • Erroneous residential delivery charges
  • Duplicate charges
  • Duplicate weight charge errors
  • Packages with no proof of delivery
  • Deliver area surcharge errors
  • And more

Can Trans Audit Help Manage International and Domestic Freight Expenses?

Yes! As a global leader in post audit services, we are proud to offer global audit capabilities for every mode of transportation, which include less-than-truckload, full truckload, ocean, rail, barge, air, parcel, duties, and more. 

Our team-oriented approach coupled with our world-class technology and expertise allows us to granularly examine and audit all types of global transportation expenses. No matter the mode of shipment, our services are designed to deliver bottom-line changing results by: 

  • Recovering overpayments, 
  • Recovering overbillings, 
  • Reducing future expenses, and 
  • Correcting erroneous billing.

How Can Clients Stay in the Know During the Post Audit Process?

Trans Audit makes it easy and effortless for you to stay up to date and in the know about each provider and invoice audit process. To do so, we created an entire suite of world-class post-audit technological solutions for your convenience. 

For example, TransPortal is our proprietary analytics and query tool. This anywhere, anytime tool allows you to monitor, manage, and improve your payment processes, post audit processes, and carrier billing accuracy. 

Another key system is our proprietary Claims Tracking System (CTS). From submission through to resolution, our CTS makes it easy for you to manage the tracking, submission, imaging, reconciliation, and administration of claims. 

Is Trans Audit’s Post Audit Difficult to Establish?

One of the most common post audit FAQs we receive at Trans Audit is in regards to what it takes to get started. Because we are global leaders, we have perfected a process that requires minimal input from you and your team. 

From the start, our dedicated onboarding team will spearhead the onboarding process with minimal client involvement. Instead, we will work directly and amicably with your carriers, payment providers, and internal staff to ensure a worry-free and expeditious onboarding. 

Our ultimate onboarding goal is to minimize the level of resources required from you to support the continuous post audit process while ensuring you enjoy maximum returns. 

What Types of Freight Billing Errors Does Your Freight Audit Services Cover? 

Due to our substantial and ongoing investment in technology, we are able to cover virtually all and any type of transportation billing error. Some of the most common sources of refund credits include:

  • Invalid accessorial charges
  • Duplicate billings
  • Alternation tariff rates
  • Incorrectly assessed tariff weight breaks
  • Service level failures
  • Carrier routing compliance
  • And more. 

What Are the Core Objectives of a Post Audit?

While our most obvious objective is to recover money for overpayments, missbillings, and over billings, this is only the beginning. We also strive to:

  • Confirm and improve the accuracy of past and current invoices.
  • Create recurring data feeds for consistent cost management and verification.
  • Identify and solve one-time billing errors as well as recurring billing errors.
  • Identify and deliver recommendations to drive cost-efficiency.
  • Make time-saving and money-saving suggestions to optimize contracts.
  • Discover potential ways to improve client and supplier processes.

How Much Will the Post Audit Cost My Business?

While other auditors may charge an upfront charge, our post audit services are unique in that there are no out-of-pocket costs to you. Instead, we will systematically review documentation to spot profit leaks, misspellings, and other inaccuracies. 

Then, we will automatically submit for refunds and credits. In the process, we collect our fees as a total percentage of your savings. That way, you pay nothing if we do not recover funds for your business. 

Simply put, you have nothing to lose and insight, money, and time to gain. And it doesn’t cost to work with Trans Audit — it pays! 

How Far in the Past Does Trans Audit Go?

At Trans Audit, our team of auditors and software will go back as far as the statute of limitations allows. And this statute can vary based on the mode of transportation used to ship the product. 

For example, full truckload audits and refunds have a one to two-year statute of limitations. On the other hand less-than-truckload (LTL) and air freight shipments usually will allow us to go back up to six months. 

And when it comes to auditing rail freight invoices and ocean freight invoices, we can usually go back up to three years. In any case, each mode may have a different statute. 

Can Trans Audit Offer a Second Post Audit?

Very simply, not all parcel and freight audits are created equal. Because of this, many customers come to us for a second post audit

When they do, we have proven time and time again that our multi-pass process, superior personnel, technology, and data management capabilities deliver refunds and identify issues that other post audit providers are not equipped to catch. 

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If you have questions about the post audit process, the team at Trans Audit can help. We are the leading global post audit firm and we work with businesses of all sizes. Simply put, no company is too big or too small to benefit from our post audit services. 

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