About us

Trans Audit is number one!

-Controller, One of the world’s largest packaging companies

Trans Audit is great, we love the work you do and want to expand our relationship with Trans Audit to include our global transportation expense.

-Director North American Transportation, Worldwide Electric & Electronics Manufacturing


Trans Audit is the world’s largest and most successful global freight and parcel post audit specialist. Trans Audit has performed transportation post-payment audits and contract reviews for hundreds of Fortune and Global 1000 corporations in its 40 plus year history. Trans Audit’s Clients receive unsurpassed post-audit coverage via Trans Audit’s multiple locations in the United States, and presence in Europe, Singapore, and China. Global audit capabilities address all modes of transportation including LTL, TL, rail, ocean, air, barge, parcel, duties, inbound, and outbound shipments, providing a truly ubiquitous solution.


Trans Audit’s freight and parcel post-audit services deliver bottom-line results by recovering overbillings and overpayments, correcting erroneous billing, and reducing future expenses. As the leader in the cost recovery and reduction industry, Trans Audit has delivered over a billion dollars of benefit to our Clients.


Trans Audit’s expertise and team-oriented approach, together with leading-edge electronic processing systems and the ability to granularly examine all modes of global transportation expense, produce superior cost recovery and reduction results for our Clients. Trans Audit believes that a post-audit should deliver more than just monetary benefits, and more importantly provide continuous improvement insight into our Clients’ payment processes and supplier relations.

Combine our unsurpassed capabilities with a non-intrusive approach and a contingency fee structure, where we share only in the results we produce­–and the value you receive increases exponentially.

The Bottom Line – Trans Audit recovers more overpayments and identifies more cost reduction opportunities than internal or competitive reviews!

Our Philosophy

To deliver maximum benefits to our Clients on a worldwide basis, Trans Audit strives to develop long-term relationships forged on mutual trust and timely performance. 

Corporate Objectives

  • Treat our clients with the utmost respect, consideration and confidentiality
  • Add monetary and intellectual benefits to our Clients’ operations and finances
  • Be a trusted partner and advisor
  • Build long-term cooperative and collaborative relationships
  • Analyze our Clients’ global cost stream to provide the greatest cost recoveries and reductions
  • Provide maximum economic benefit to our Clients
  • Provide low risk, high quality, high return services

Post Audit Project Objectives

  • Confirm and improve the accuracy of current and past invoices
  • Establish recurring data feeds for continuing cost verification and management
  • Identify and resolve one time and recurring billing errors
  • Obtain refunds of past overbillings and overpayments, and reduce future billing errors
  • Identify and deliver cost efficiency recommendations to optimize contracts and billing
  • Identify potential Client and Supplier process improvement

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