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  • Post payment analysis of all modes of global transportation
  • Historical and ongoing review of all transportation expenses
  • Assurance that all charges are billed and paid correctly
  • Line item audit of all freight charges, rates, accessorials, classifications, and much more
  • End to end claims management from discovery through resolution and refund recovery
  • Extensive online reporting for review, tracking and analysis of claims
  • Success based contingent fee structure
  • Substantial monetary refunds and improved billing accuracy
  • Identification of greatest opportunities for cost recovery and reduction
  • Comprehensive expense validation and optimization
  • Confirmation that contract provisions and industry standards have been accurately applied to billing
  • Identification, substantiation and resolution of billing, contractual and payment errors
  • Negotiation and recovery of monetary refunds for past duplicate payments and overpayments
  • Identification, approval, and implementation of cost reduction programs
  • Correction of erroneous billing and improvement of billing accuracy
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