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True Global audit capabilities covering all modes of transportation via multiple locations in the U.S. and our prescence in Europe, China and Singapore.

Breadth and depth of services, expertise and technical, analytical and marketing resources to deliver ongoing audits worldwide.

Trans Audit performs 100% of services delivered and does not outsource any element of the post audit.

Trans Audit’s SMME’s and carrier management professionals provide consultative benefits beyond monetary results, and maximize returns with minimal Client Resources

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Case Study

Global 300 multinational electrical & power management company

Global 300 multinational electrical and power management company with sales over $15 billion annually and utilizing all modes of transportation with a significant amount of parcel activity. Trans Audit filed over $2,000,000 and recovered $1,200,000 in one year. Errors range from classification errors, misapplication of rates, discount percentage errors, to various payment issues, and beyond. This Client previously split their business between two post auditors, and recently, Trans Audit was awarded the business in its entirety.


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