TransPortal is really what we’re looking for, your reporting is great!

-Director Transportation, Large retailer of automotive replacement parts and accessories

Our Technology

Trans Audit’s proprietary platforms and constantly updated technology sets us apart from our competitors. Our leading-edge technology deployment facilitates the efficient and effective performance of post audits globally and provides our Clients with the best in class cloud-based claims analytics.

TransPortal™ – Trans Audit’s proprietary and robust cloud-based claims analytics system and query tool, providing every Client the ability to monitor, manage, and improve their post audit, payment processes, and carrier billing accuracy.

TransForm™– Trans Audit’s global claims formulation, calculation, entry, generation, and productivity management system.

CTS™– Trans Audit’s proprietary Claims Tracking System manages the tracking, submission, imaging, financial reconciliation, and administration of claims from submission through resolution.

TransLogic™– Trans Audit’s proprietary parcel data processing, claim formulation, claim submission, and claim management system.

TranScribe™– Trans Audit’s proprietary Client relationship management system, utilized to manage and track the Client implementation process, the scope of work, key attributes, special requirements, deliverables, contacts, and Client profiles.

TransAuditor™– Trans Audit’s proprietary workflow, assignment, and management system.

TransCarrier™– Trans Audit’s proprietary Carrier Relations assignment and management system.

Supply Chain Brief

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