An Overview of Our Global Transportation Post Audit Services

Freight charges are not just the result of simple multiplication, but a combination of various and complex factors, i.e. commodity, mode, weight, distance, origin, destination, tariff regulations, and contractual terms. The application of these factors is further complicated by the nature and specifics of the individual shipment and the route it takes. Highly experienced and skilled professionals are required to accurately and thoroughly audit transportation costs. Trans Audit’s Subject Matter Modal Experts™ bring over a half-millennium of transportation experience to our Clients.

To facilitate a thorough post audit, Trans Audit establishes recurring feeds of shipment and payment information to perform an ongoing review to include:

  • Post audit and analysis of all global transportation expense
  • Line-item reconciliation of contract terms, rates, classifications, and tariffs with billing
  • Billing and payment analysis at the invoice, bill of lading, container/car level, etc.
  • Service level confirmation and recovery for failed deliveries
  • Identification of overcharges and substantiation of refund claims
  • Formulation and filing of overcharge refund claims
  • Structured end to end claim management from submission through resolution
  • Recovery of historical and ongoing overbillings and overpayments
  • Multi-lingual support and a presence in Asia and Europe enable a worldwide review
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