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Why should you consider a Trans Audit second post-payment audit… so you can rest easy.

If you already have a post audit in place, a second post audit performed by Trans Audit typically identifies and produces more refunds than our Clients first post audit provider. Trans Audit has proven time and again that our superior personnel, multi-pass process, technology, and data management capabilities identify issues and deliver refunds that other post audit providers miss. Utilizing the same data and contracts provided to your first post auditor, Trans Audit unobtrusively verifies the effectiveness of the first audit, and more importantly ensures that every issue is identified, and every refund recouped.

For two separate companies, one a Global Fortune 100 entity and the other a US Fortune 100 organization, Trans Audit replaced three incumbent post audit providers, as Trans Audit produced greater results in the first six months than any of those providers had delivered in years.

Trans Audit’s extensive data mining tools and deep dive into contractual terms, accessorials, commodities, and payments surpass entities that predominately seek low hanging fruit and duplicate payments. Trans Audit’s technology and claim management tools prevent the repetition of effort, minimizing the second post audit load on all parties, especially your carriers.

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