Guide to UPS Claims for Late Deliveries

Even though UPS has access to state-of-the-art technologies, delays happen; and when they do, you should understand how to file a UPS claim for late deliveries. Why? Because your customers are likely to hold you (the shipper) accountable for these issues. 

Unfortunately, filing UPS claims for late deliveries isn’t a cut-and-dry process. Instead, you’ll be asked to navigate several hurdles while jumping through hoops. Many business owners simply give up in the process, which works to the carrier’s benefit. 

However, the team at Trans Audit has created a simple guide to filing UPS claims for late deliveries. Read on to learn more, and if you don’t have the time or know-how, the team at Trans Audit offers a time-saving, money-saving post-bill audit that automates and simplifies the process

The UPS Money-Back Guarantee for Late Deliveries 

For certain deliveries, UPS guarantees on-time delivery of shipment. In the event, they fail to deliver at the predetermined time, you as the shipper may be entitled to a full refund for the shipping costs. 

However, you must request the refund within 15 days of the late delivery — or the UPS claim will be deemed invalid. Furthermore, UPS has relaxed or suspended their Money-Back Guarantee program for certain types of deliveries. 

Reach out to UPS or the team at Trans Audit for the most up-to-date information on the UPS Money-Back Guarantee. 

How to Initiate a Claim for the UPS Money-Back Guarantee?

While initiating a claim UPS claims isn’t physically demanding, it does take impeccable timing. And do-it-yourself auditing may be a suitable solution for small companies looking to save on shipping. If you feel you (as the shipper) are entitled to a refund, time is of the essence. Here are the steps involved with initiating a UPS claim for late delivery. 

Step 1 for Filing a UPS Claim: Get the Invoice

The first step in the UPS claims process is for you to receive the invoice. UPS should deliver your invoice weekly. On the invoice, you should see a detailed list of all parcels that have been delivered during the period. 

Step 2 for Filing a UPS Claim: Audit Your UPS Invoice for Late Deliveries

To properly audit your invoice, you will need to carefully inspect each shipment and pay attention to certain key points:

  1. Is the delivery eligible for the UPS Money Back Guarantee? As we mentioned previously, not all UPS deliveries are eligible for the guarantee. And since the pandemic, UPS has relaxed or suspended the applicability of the Guarantee. This means you may not be eligible for the late delivery refund. You will need to understand which deliveries are eligible for the UPS Money Back Guarantee. 
  2. Each service may have a different cut-off time. Because of this, it’s important to know the cut-off time for each type of delivery. For example, ground deliveries may have an end-of-day cut-off time. On the other hand, Priority Overnight may have a cut-off time of 10:30 AM. And the cut-off times may vary based on the location of the delivery, which is discussed in more detail below. In either case, you will need to understand the cut-off times for each type of delivery you are considering filing a UPS claim. 
  3. What was the package delivery time? The actual time the package was delivered is key. To discover this time, you will need to look in your account for the last delivery timestamp. 
  4. What is the destination’s cut-off time? In addition to across-the-board cut-off times, the destination area may add extra complexity. For example, rural deliveries can have cut-off times that are different from the standard. Because of this, it’s important to evaluate each delivery through different lenses. In general, however, if the package was delivered in a large city, there may be no need to consider this point.
  5. How much time should the package have taken to arrive at the location?  Based on the date of shipment and service type, you can determine the amount of time the package should have taken based on the destination. 

Step 3 for Filing a UPS Claim: File the Actual UPS Claim

Once you have completed the previous steps and know whether the shipment is late, you are ready to file the actual Money Back Guarantee claim. There are three different ways you can file a UPS claim. 

  1. Through the website. Probably the easiest and most efficient way to file a claim is through By simply navigating the site, you can follow the necessary steps to initiate a late UPS claim. The one caveat is that you must have online billing enabled to use this self-service, online option. 
  2. Over the phone. Another option is to call UPS and give them the tracking number of the late delivery. Then, the customer service agent can help you file the claims for a refund. However, because of the pandemic, call wait times are longer than normal. 
  3. Through USPS mail. You can also use traditional mail to file your parcel late delivery claim. When you use the web form available online, indicate the tracking numbers associated with the service failure for further review. 

Step 4 for Filing a UPS Claim: Review the Initial Results of the Filing

When you receive the result of your initial filing, you will have one of two results.

UPS Claim Accepted

If your claim has been accepted, it means the UPS Revenue Services Department will review your claim. At this point, it could take several weeks for UPS to determine whether you will be refunded for late deliveries. 

UPS Claim Rejected

If your claim is rejected, it signifies UPS had a valid reason for the late delivery — whether it’s bad weather or any other valid reason. 

Step 5 for Filing a UPS Claim: Watch Your Credit Cards and/or Account for Credits

If your claim is approved, you can receive a credit to your account in the form of:

  • A refund back to your credit card on file 
  • A credit on your account for future invoices

Contact Trans Audit to Simplify, Streamline, and Automate UPS Claims for Late Deliveries 

Instead of manually submitting UPS claims, Trans Audit can simplify, streamline, and automate the audit process from start to finish. And when you work with us for automated claims audits, we won’t just audit UPS deliveries — we can audit all modes of transportation. 

We will automatically recover monies owed to you and provide actionable insights to inform future negotiations. Best of all, we do this with minimal input from you and no out-of-pocket or upfront costs. 

Ready to learn more? Contact Trans Audit today.

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