3 Key Benefits of Freight Bill Processing with TransAudit

Whether you transport goods across the nation or across the world, it can be a daunting and challenging task. And managing all of the complicated paperwork essential for every delivery can make the task even more trying. 

Fortunately, you’re not alone! You have an entire team of experienced support at TransAudit. We are the world’s largest and most successful global freight and parcel post audit specialists. We offer a range of freight bill processing services designed to help you create savings, improve efficiencies, and bolster your bottom line. 

One of the top services we offer regarding freight bill processing is the freight bill audit. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top benefits of partnering with TransAudit for freight bill processing audits.

Freight Bill Processing Can Bolster Your Bottom Line

Did you know that most freight invoices are composed of errors, approximately 25% of them? And these errors can make a dramatic impact on your bottom line. When you outsource freight bill processing to the team at TransAudit, we’ll use our proven, proprietary software to find errors and reconcile them, which leads to reduced costs and substantial savings. Some of the most common errors we have uncovered via our thorough freight bill audit process includes:

  1. Overpayment errors or erroneous payments to the wrong party, duplicate payment of the same invoice, payments made under different reference numbers, payments in the incorrect currency, payment of a revised and original bill, and a host of other costly scenarios. 
  2. Incorrect rates: line-haul charges or freight rates can vary greatly with the carrier tariffs, contracted rates, distance, and other factors.
  3. Service failures can include late deliveries and a range of other situations that you shouldn’t have to pay for.
  4. Freight misclassifications can be based on freight density, stowability, liability, commodity, handling, and more.
  5. Several other areas.

When TransAudit conducts a freight bill audit, we’ll rigorously check all of these areas as well as others. By partnering with us, we will help optimize your freight processing, which may otherwise be relatively low on your list. 

Besides, when you overpay for freight, you aren’t getting any additional benefits for the higher spend. And every dollar you save on freight can be fed back into your profit margin or be used to fund other initiatives. 

Gain Data and Insights with TransAudit

TransAudit is extremely data-driven and works to go deep into logistical data to provide you with comprehensive analysis, so you can best understand your own operations. When you partner with us for freight bill processing, you can move well beyond the basics! 

Because we employ the latest software and technology, we’re able to efficiently track massive amounts of logistics data. Through experienced logistics professionals and human analytics, we have been able to highlight patterns that may have been invisible, such as:

  • New logistics opportunities
  • Routes to optimizations
  • Answers to old issues
  • And more

Regardless of the size of your business or logistics department, you can tap into the resources of large Fortune 500 firms to gain valuable insights and actionable information. And the universal value of information is one of the most important factors of success for logistics departments of large firms. 

Save Time with Freight Bill Processing by TransAudit

Time is one of the most valuable assets in business and life. However, as a logistics manager or business owner, you know all too well that time is always at a premium. Your company has its own unique skill set, strengths, advantages, and experience, which most likely doesn’t include verifying accurate freight bill processing. 

Your time is best suited to doing what you do best — not being knee-deep in the processing of various invoices, claims expenses, and intricacies of shipping rates. And every hour your employees spend dealing with freight billing issues removes them from spending time on key profit-generating activities. 

At TransAudit, we focus exclusively on logistical auditing and freight bill processing. This means we are more than equipped to efficiently handle this area of your business, so you can focus more on improving sales and driving profits.

Contact Trans Audit Today for Freight Bill Processing Services 

When you implement a recurring, regular freight bill audit program with TransAudit, it opens the door to a number of essential business benefits. Some of the most prevalent include:

  • Improved investment into business lines and units. Businesses can reinvest the recaptured revenue into new supply chain management technologies, services, or other lines of business to drive growth. 
  • Enhanced customer service. When you have recurring freight bill audits, you can deliver improved customer service by holding your carriers accountable for late deliveries, on-time deliveries, and so on. 
  • Prevent disruptions with easy implementation. Trans Audit’s dedicated onboarding team makes implementation easy and hassle-free with minimal involvement from you. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can create savings and efficiencies without freight bill processing services.

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