5 Boxes Your Freight Bill Auditor Should Check

While you may not have a shortage of options when it comes to choosing a freight bill auditor, not all are created equally. In fact, there are monumental differences between most freight bill auditors. And because most shippers will spend virtually half of their logistics expenses on transportation, the freight bill auditor partnership is one that pays dividends when you get it right. 

According to the 2016 Transportation Payment study conducted by American Shipper, companies who use freight bill auditors are likely to pay significantly less for their freight invoice handling. In addition to creating savings, your freight bill auditor should provide services to further impact your bottom line, streamline your operations, and deliver vital supply chain intel. 

If your current freight bill auditor falls short in either of these categories, you owe it to your company to reach out to Trans Audit. On the other hand, if you don’t have a freight bill auditor, now is the perfect time to learn the key attributes you should demand. Let’s take a closer look at the key boxes your freight bill auditor should be able to confidently check.  

The Best Freight Bill Auditors Use Cutting-Edge Technology

As we previously mentioned, there are a lot of freight bill auditors. Many of these companies have been around for quite some time. While longevity is key, you should always pay attention to whether their technological suite is from the 1990’s or is modern. It’s imperative the freight bill auditor you choose utilizes the latest technologies to provide you the most value. 

In either case, the global supply chain relies on the latest technological advancements from point of origin to destination. Whether it’s for shipment tracking, safety, efficiency, QA, or any other aspect; technology is in the driver’s seat. And your freight bill auditor should be in line with this trend. 

Their ability to discover payment errors on all fronts and streamline your shipping process will be achieved through their technology suite. The more robust their suite, the faster and more accurate their ability to meet your needs will be. To put it frankly, the best freight bill auditors will use a healthy mix of the latest technologies, including:

  • Real-time processing and reporting
  • Cloud-based systems
  • Robust reporting

When you’re selecting a freight bill auditor, choose a company that uses the latest technology and demonstrates a commitment to investing in technology moving forward.

Freight Bill Auditors Should Have Proven Implementation

Whether it’s a new Internet provider or a coffee vendor for your office, transitioning is hardly ever easy. However, the freight bill auditor you select for your company should not require a significant lift from you or your employees. 

The implementation process for a freight bill auditor is key, and it’s vital the partner you select has a patented proven process. When you’re interviewing or researching different freight bill auditors, make sure to discuss what’s involved with their implementation. 

Ideally, the freight bill auditor will work directly with your freight audit and payment providers, carriers, and staff to create a worry-free implementation. The freight bill auditor’s goal should be to minimize the number of resources needed from you to start and support ongoing implementation. 

The goal is fast and thorough. If a potential freight bill auditor doesn’t have a dedicated team or a proven process, you could be welcoming pure calamity and disarray into your business.

The Capability to Manage Several Relationships

If an individual approaches you with claims to be a freight bill auditor or freight bill auditing consultant, you should probably continue your search. Don’t get us wrong — there are many solid consultants out there. 

However, the best freight bill auditors and auditing companies will be composed of experienced and dedicated teams who are tasked with maintaining carrier relationships. These professionals will work on your behalf to resolve conflicts and smooth out differences before allowing them to escalate. 

In addition to ensuring accurate payments and processing refunds, your freight bill auditor will also work to ensure your supply chain runs smoothly— without delays or conflicts. And a single person simply doesn’t have the capacity. 

Experience and References Counts

Your freight bill auditor isn’t simply a vendor, they will act as a partner and extension of your business. Because of this, it’s of the highest importance they have experience with companies of your size, scale, and industry. And while their word may be credible, you can trust — but verify. 

Instead, you should ask for references and check the client references. Just as you would perform due diligence on an employee prior to hiring them, you should take similar steps with a freight bill auditor. Simply put, always ask for references — even if you have no intention of contacting the references. If the company is hesitant to provide references, you should process this as a red flag. 

Any reputable freight bill auditor should be able to create a reference list on demand. If you do contact the references, make sure to have a list of questions you can ask to paint an accurate and holistic picture of the service provider. 

No Sight Unseen — Request a Demo

As we previously mentioned, choosing a freight bill auditor is a big deal. And even if all of the previous four attributes line up, how do you know they can deliver on their promises? For most consultants who offer auditing services, the problem isn’t delivering the data, but the methods used to collect the data. 

Make sure you take the time to discuss the consultant’s business reporting and intelligent tools prior to signing any agreement. It’s vital to understand you’re trusting this company to protect your supply chain solutions and assets, which means you should be certain. 

The best way to achieve certainty is with a demo. In the event the service provider is unable to meet your request for a demo, you’ll be best suited to continue your search. 

Contact Trans Audit — We Check All of The Boxes

Finding the best freight bill auditor can seem difficult and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Trans Audit uses state-of-the-art technological advancements to create recurring feeds of paper and electronic invoices, contracts, bills of lading, payment information, and rates to perform an ongoing review. Powered by cloud-based systems, you’ll gain real-time, actionable intelligence to transform the way you see your supply chain. 

Contact Trans Audit today to request your demo and learn more about why we’re the best freight bill auditor.

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