Don’t Just Post Audit – Trans Audit: Simple. Swift. Straightforward.

Performing a freight invoice post audit can be tedious, time-consuming, and confusing. Fortunately, you don’t have to! At Trans Audit, we specialize in delivering money-saving and producing transportation post audit services. Through our proprietary systems and processes, we establish recurring feeds of information, inclusive of freight invoices, bills of lading, rates, contracts, and payment details to perform a retrospective and recurring post-payment review. We employ unparalleled information technology and an unsurpassed team of subject matter experts to create recoveries and value across all modes of transportation in all places. Trans Audit recovers more overpayments and identifies more cost reduction opportunities than competitive or internal reviews.

When you partner with Trans Audit, we’ll open the door to maximize financial impact for today and tomorrow:

  • Post payment audit of all global, international, domestic, inbound and outbound freight, parcel, processing, and logistics charges
  • Comprehensive air, rail, ocean, barge, tank, bulk, truck, LTL and small package review
  • Confirmation of payment accuracy, recipients, terms, and amounts
  • Review and confirmation of contract terms and rate sheets
  • Line item reconciliation of contract terms and tariffs with billing
  • Validation of all freight bills against bill of lading, as available
  • Confirmation of rates, payments, payment terms, payment ownership, currency, accessorials, service levels, discounts, classifications, commodities, class, tariff reference points, weights, mileage, fuel surcharges, incentives, rebates, rolling averages, etc.
  • Recovery of overbilling, unutilized credits, erroneous and duplicate payments
  • Logistics review of recurring shipments to identify hidden overcharges
  • Parcel lost package administration and recovery
  • Recommendation of cost reduction and contract improvement opportunities
  • Identification of recurring errors
  • And more
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