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Our Mission

To provide clients with global benefits in the form of cash refunds, future expense reductions, and enhanced Sarbanes-Oxley and internal compliance.

Our Philosophy

To deliver maximum benefits to our clients on a worldwide basis, Trans Audit strives to develop long-term relationships forged on mutual trust and timely performance.

Corporate Objectives
  • Treat our clients with the utmost respect, consideration and confidentiality
  • Add monetary and intellectual benefits to our Clients’ operations and finances
  • Strive to be a trusted partner and advisor
  • Build long-term cooperative and collaborative relationships
  • Analyze our Clients’ global cost stream to provide greater cost recoveries and reductions
  • Provide maximum economic benefit to our Clients
  • Provide low risk, high quality, high return services
Our Total Cost Management Approach
  • Mutual identification of expense categories and suppliers with greatest potential for cost recovery and reduction
  • Line item expense validation and optimization by industry and contract experts
  • Identification, substantiation and resolution of billing errors
  • Negotiation and recovery of monetary refunds for past overpayments
  • Identification, approval and implementation of cost reduction programs
  • Correction of erroneous billing and improved billing accuracy
  • Cash infusion and reduced operating expenses
  • Extensive industry expertise and negotiation experience maximize recoveries and expense reduction
Cost Management Project Objectives
  • Confirm and improve accuracy of current and past invoices
  • Establish recurring data feeds for continuing cost verification and management
  • Identify and resolve one time and recurring billing errors
  • Obtain refunds of past overpayments and eliminate future billing errors
  • Identify and deliver cost efficiency recommendations to optimize contracts and billing
  • Identify potential Client and Supplier process improvements
Sustainability Statement

Trans Audit, Inc. is committed to corporate sustainability. We strive to provide outstanding services to our Clients in conformity with our core values and ethics. We aim through our business operations and interactions to create long-term value for people internal and external to our organization.

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Trans Audit, Inc.
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