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Global Freight & Parcel Post Audit Overview

Freight charges are not just the result of simple multiplication, but a combination of various factors, i.e. commodity, mode, weight, distance, origin, destination, tariff regulations and contractual terms. The application of these factors is further complicated by the nature and specifics of the individual shipment and the route it takes. Substantially experienced and skilled professionals are required to accurately and thoroughly audit transportation costs. We possess these professionals, which in combination bring over a half millennium of transportation experience to your service! 

To facilitate a thorough post audit, Trans Audit establishes recurring feeds of electronic and paper invoices, bills of lading, contracts, rates, and payment information to perform a recurring review of billing. A typical post audit encompasses:

  • Audit and analysis of all global freight, parcel, processing and logistics charges paid
  • Review of contract terms and rate sheets
  • Line item reconciliation of contract terms and tariffs with billing
  • Duplicate billing and payment analysis at the invoice, bill of lading and container/car level
  • U.S. Customs and duties review for all inbound U.S. shipments
  • Service level confirmation and recovery for failed deliveries
  • Identification of overcharges and formulation of overcharge refund claims
  • Substantiation and submission of overcharge refund claims with your carriers
  • Negotiation and settlement of overcharge claims directly with your carriers
  • Recovery of past erroneous and duplicate payments
  • Identification of cost reduction opportunities
  • Reduction of freight rates and costs going forward
As we work directly with your carriers and/or freight bill payment firms to collect data, and negotiate and ascertain refunds, the amount of time expended by you and your staff is minimal!

Global Freight & Parcel Post Audit - Scope of Services

The breadth and depth of our Freight & Parcel Post Audit is expansive and comprehensive of all worldwide transportation costs:

  • Post audit of all global freight & parcel freight bills
  • Inbound and outbound freight line item review
  • All modes of transportation, including overnight, air, rail, ocean and truck
  • Confirmation of all freight bills against bill of lading and available shipment data
  • Contract, rate and tariff analysis
  • Confirmation of discount, commodity, weight, mileage, accessorials, etc. Service level analysis and confirmation
  • U.S. customs and duties review to recover excessive or non-applicable duties and reduce future duties
  • Multi-lingual support and a presence in Asia and Europe enables worldwide review, especially in high volume lanes 
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