Our Approach

Our Mission

To provide our Clients with high ROI, low-risk services, and deliver global benefits in the form of cash refunds, future expense reductions, and enhanced control and compliance.

Our Philosophy

To deliver maximum benefits to our clients on a worldwide basis, Trans Audit strives to develop long-term relationships forged on mutual trust and timely performance. 

Corporate Objectives

  • Treat our clients with the utmost respect, consideration, and confidentiality
  • Add monetary and intellectual benefits to our Clients’ operations and finances
  • Be a trusted partner and advisor
  • Build long-term cooperative and collaborative relationships
  • Analyze our Clients’ global cost stream to provide the greatest cost recoveries and reductions
  • Provide maximum economic benefit to our Clients
  • Provide low risk, high quality, high return services

Post Audit Project Objectives

  • Confirm and improve the accuracy of current and past invoices
  • Establish recurring data feeds for continuing cost verification and management
  • Identify and resolve one time and recurring billing errors
  • Obtain refunds of past overbilling and overpayments, and reduce future billing errors
  • Identify and deliver cost efficiency recommendations to optimize contracts and billing
  • Identify potential Client and Supplier process improvements
Supply Chain Brief

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