At this time we are very glad that we started this process with Trans Audit. We are learning a lot and finding ways to improve our processes as you are finding more than we expected. We look forward to the future with Trans Audit.

-Controller, Fortune 500 food and candy company

Cost Optimization & Reduction

Using our vast cross industry and transportation knowledge, Trans Audit identifies and presents tactical cost reduction opportunities as an integrated component of its proprietary post audit process.  Trans Audit provides contractual as well as transportation specific improvement recommendations inclusive of:

  • Claim filing statute improvements
  • Improved Shipper contractual rights
  • Identification of rogue carriers
  • Un-contracted lanes
  • Improved shipping rates
  • Fuel surcharge reduction
  • Removal/reduction of various accessorial charges
  • Removal/reduction of currency adjustment fees
  • Removal/reduction of peak season surcharges
  • Cost avoidances
  • Least cost carrier